Using the dashboard

The dashboard is the main control area for AlphaLine. You will learn how to use the basic features including:

You will also learn about the device selector and the status area.

This should be the first video you watch as other videos will build on this one.

Adding devices

This video will teach you how to add devices to your account. You will also learn how to have employees add their devices for you.

Managing groups

Groups make it easier to find devices that are on your account. In this video you will learn how to create, rename, and delete groups. As well as add and remove devices from those groups.

Manage devices

In this video you will learn how to manage all the settings for the client app installed on a device. This includes a wide range of features such as:

Using device templates

Setting up templates for the app settings makes it easier to add new devices to your account. All settings can be saved and ready to apply to a new device in just a few clicks.

Setting up geofencing

Geofencing allows you to have the app automatically activate features based on the devices location. In this video we will teach you how to create a new geofence and explain all the actions and settings that can be used.

Using geofence templates

Using templates makes it easier to apply geofences to other devices on your account.

The client login

This video is for users that have been given a client login by the admin of the account. This video will show you how to login to your account and use the system to track down you lost or stolen device.